L.O.A Physics Formula

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The Law of Attraction (L.O.A) equation:

In physics there are various laws that are studied and each with it’s own formula for understanding them! Today we’ll discuss the formula for understanding L.O.A. As you begin to dab into quantum physics however, the equations become much more complex. The reason being is because you transcend into smaller and smaller particle sizes. Eventually, you run into pure particles of energy existing as what we can consider to be a force.  A force with properties that we don’t even have adequate instruments to fully understand with. Why bring this up? Well because I enjoy being able to explain these concepts with factual information. I have come across and shared with you just some of the many experiments that prove we create our reality. Thus, as a result of understanding these revelations; You will build faith in yourself, faith in your ability, and that can never be shaken.

The Law of Attraction (L.O.A) is probably one of the most famed and associated terms with leading edge thought and creating your reality. Many people hear about it, but unless you understand it, how could you use it deliberately? I released a post towards the birth of the blog explaining the law of attraction and how to understand it. However, I want to examine with you the equation for actually applying the Law of Attraction in your life. The Law of attraction does actually have a formula and it’s one that works out mathematically as well.

3 Variables in the Equation:

There are three variables in this L.O.A formula which contribute to your manifested perceived experience. The higher the number in the solution, means the greater or more positive of a perceived experience you perceive. The reason I say perceived is because our perception of experiences is the whole key to this. It’s incredible that two people can have the same situation and yet one experiences it in a completely positive light where as the other does not. So, the following is the proposed mathematical equation for the L.O.A depicting the relationships between belief, desire, and resistance:

|E| = (D x B) / R

Your perceived experience (|E|) is directly proportional to; Your desire (D), multiplied by your belief (B), divided by your resistance about the topic (R). So lets examine this for a bit. Only you can determine your levels of desire, belief, and resistance which means what? It means you gotta be brutally honest with yourself about those levels. Since these levels can range differently for everyone; They can only be understood by each persons unique interpretation of the experience. We’ll use a scale from 1-10 in order to visualize this. So assume 1 is perceived as more negative and it becomes more positive as you escalate in number.

 Understanding the L.O.A formula:

First, notice how the solution- your perceived experience- is an absolute value expression. In algebra, this means that even if you come up with a negative number-which can’t happen since our scale goes from 1-10- the number will always remain positive! This exists because life is always slightly oriented towards the positive. You stand right in the middle of every situation perfectly balanced with the ability to choose. The ability to choose whether you want to extract and experience a positive effect or a negative one. Vibrationally, the ability of choice is always and can only ever be considered a positive state of being over having no choice. So, no matter how bad or negative your perceived experience seems, it still remains positive-even if to the slightest degree- because you remain with the choice of making it so!

This is helpful to understand because we can all attest to having those days where shit hits the fan basically. I’m talking about where you come home and flop face first on you bed sighing type of days! On these days you are more likely to say your experience is a negative 8 rather than a 1! However, realistically it can only go as low as a 1.

Desire and Belief:

Next, remember that acronym p.e.m.d.a.s. back from high school?! It was the way to remember the order of operations when solving a large algebraic problem. Parenthesis is first for those new to this and look, we happen to have a set of parenthesis. Desire and Belief (D x B) are their own little equation in and of itself! You see, unfortunately you can’t have a strong desire, believe it so, and have it just manifest; This is wishful L.O.A thinking. You are mind, body, and spirit. To ground this circuit you must introduce physical inspired action. This allows you to transmute your energy of desire/belief into its monetary physical equivalent. To really understand the relationship between your desire and belief, read Do your beliefs match your desires. The greater number your desire and belief are, the greater the opportunity for you to realize what your inspired action is.

The difference between action and inspired action is detrimental to understand. Without it would be like trying to make a cake without flour! The key difference is that inspired action comes from properly blending your beliefs and desires. On the there hand, normal forced action is resistant in nature which leads me into the final part of the equation! Your level of resistance about a subject determines the amount of that subject you can actually experienced.

Electricity analogy:

Let me give it to you in this example which comes directly from my book! Electricity is always flowing to every outlet and switch in your house. Whether you want it or not at that moment, the abundance of light is always there. When you flip the switch, there is absolutely no resistance and so electricity can then flow to your bulb and light can be experienced! Well when you flip the switch down what happens is that resistance is added to the circuit and the light either dims or turns off! So the more resistance you add, the dimmer the light gets which determines how bright your room is. It’s analogous to the more resistance you add, the less abundance you allow yourself to see or experience!
Now that you have this L.O.A equation, add it to your tool kit and start plugging it into different areas of your life! As you play with your levels of desire, belief, and resistance; You will find that sweet spot of belief in yourself, belief in your ability, and trust that everything will always work out.  Know in your heart that you can have, be, or do anything you desire!

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